I may speak my mind a little too much, and mess everything up...I know I am not perfect... but i am in love with Jesus Christ who is the definition of perfection



English library (by x)
God placed you in your unique situation because He wants you to minister to and with the other Christians He has placed around you.Francis Chan - “Multiply” (via disciplesoftheking)
Welcome to the planet Welcome to existence Everyone's here Everyone's here Everybody's watching you now Everybody waits for you now What happens next What happens next?


stop looking at me

The choice

If the search is endless, you’re searching in all the wrong places. You’re looking high and low, but seem to keep coming back to emptiness. In the emptiness you lose your senses. You become a soul-less wander in a pit of darkness.Light seems like it is a distant memory. For light is simply the absence of darkness and darkness the absence of light. They do not dwell together, but rather despise one another. In light there is clarity, answers, a purpose, joy, happiness. In darkness there is broken promises, misery, blindness, emptiness and winding roads that seem to have no end. It comes down to a choice, contentment or never seizing wandering, light or darkness. 


patiently* awaiting the arrival of a sweet friend (who’s flown in from out of town) by reading c.s. lewis and eating apples + cucumbers. 

{ *bouncing around in excitement }